Wish/ Intention Oil

Wish/ Intention oils are the oil used to obtain your desires and goals. Wish oils recipe involves wishing herbs, resins, berries like tonka, leave of papaya, jobs tears, bat’s head, and various other spiritual wish herbs. Wish oil contains all the essentials which you may need for the rituals according to your intention. These oils were used to increase magic intentions into reality. Wish oil can be used as its own but it is also good when combined with other oils or Wish/ Intention Candles. You can put the oil on your tools, mojo bags, documents, photographs and altars for the spells.

These intention oils can make your dreams to reality by just placing a few drops at the doorstep or either dab some oil on to some stones and keep it in your pocket and make your own wish charm. Oils are the best combination of natural and supernatural energies working together for the changes.  Wish oils are perfect to be poured onto incense, can be sprinkled on intention candles, it can be used on the body and even you can bath with sacred water by adding few drops of our wish/ intention oil into it. You can find the most effective wish/ intention oils from our store based in Hollywood,  Los Angeles, CA or you can check our online store at IncensePro.com.


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