Sage & Palo Santo

Palo santo is a beautiful and fragrant wood that has been used for centuries in South America for its natural healing properties. These Palo Santo sticks are perfect for cleansing your space, raising your vibration, and manifesting your intentions. Each stick is hand-picked from sustainably sourced palo santo trees in Peru. The wood is naturally aromatic, with a sweet, woodsy scent that is both grounding and uplifting. Palo santo can help to clear away negative energy, promote creativity and good fortune, and bring blessings of love and light into your life. It is said to be especially helpful in times of transition or when you are seeking guidance from your higher self. Palo santo is also a powerful ally for anyone working on their spiritual development. If you are looking to cleanse your space and bring in positive energy, Palo Santo sticks are the perfect tool. Order yours today!


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Palo Santo Sticks
Buy Palo Santo sticks Online
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Palo Santo Sticks
Blue Sage with Rose Petals
Blue sage leaves
$11.00 $14.00
Blue Sage- 4 Inches
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Sage & Cedar
Buy Sage & Copal
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Sage & Copal
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Sage & Pinon Pine
Sage & Sweetgrass
Sage & Sweetgrass
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Sage and Lavender
Buy California White Sage-4 Inches Online
Buy California White Sage-4 inches Online
White Sage 4 Inches
Buy California White Sage 8″-9″ Online
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White Sage 8"-9"
White Sage with 7 chakra Rose petals- 4”
White Sage with 7 Chakra Rose Petals- 4”
White Sage with Lavender Flower- 5”
White Sage with Lavender Flower- 4”
White Sage with Pirul
White Sage with Pirul
White Sage with Pirul
Buy California White Sage- 2" Online
White Sage- 2"
White Sage- 2"
Palo Santo Angel
Palo Santo Angel
Palo Santo Angel