Towers & Raw Crystals

Towers and Raw crystals are a masterpiece that forms when a group of crystals grows together. Since ancient times, it is in practice to keep these exceptional clusters for multiple purposes. Just like their different physical aspects, these clusters hold different spiritual and healing properties as well. Only just by looking at them, we feel calmness and tranquility inside us. They stimulate positive energy in our nervous system and eliminates negative thoughts from our minds. Some crystals like Pyrolusite Cluster are a good source to gain strength. People who suffer emotional imbalance, anxiety, depression, or anything that they can't describe, can get benefited from these crystal clusters as they are stress relievers and great healers. Crystal clusters come in a wide range of natural colors, and they make a great decoration. The best thing about them is that you can place it anywhere in your home. Some people realized the value of them that they keep magnificent pieces of the cluster in every room of their house. Everything that nature created releases energies, including human beings. These energies remarkably influence each other. Some energies are good for healing-protection, others are good for good luck-manifestation. These clusters also help repel bad radiations, providing peace to the mind. Selenite crystal tower helps in cleansing other crystal and very good for recharging your crystal collection.



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