Hem - 7 African Powers Incense Stick Hexa

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It is a quality aroma that lessens the negative and increments the positive parts of all zodiac signs. The smell of the seven powers incense sticks fills the climate with positive energy to make your living space fragrant and fabulous.

The seven African powers' meaning is that they join against all types of pernicious voodoo. They address the seven holy people who are loved in religions by the relatives of the Yoruba society. The seven sacred people additionally represent love, cash, bliss, wellbeing, assurance, strength, and achievement and camouflage themselves as Catholic holy people. They are further portrayed as the Orisha. 

Our 7 African power incense has the familiar smell of earth, with whirlwinds of musk, making it exceptionally inconspicuous. In different pieces of Asia, incense has been utilized for millennia for contemplation, as a purging or wake-up routine, for denoting an occasion, or making a heavenly or new air. A mix of regular fixings turned into the reason for zesty, fresh, floral, wooden, delicate, or sweet aromas as practically supernatural smells.

Finish your home now with actually picked divine bouquets.  7 African power incense recipe is perfect for making you feel protected and more connected with your soul during meditation. 

  • A complex and fragrant scent, the 7 African Powers represent a force that offers guidance and strength through all of life's trials and tribulations. 
  • The length is 6 inches.
  • Incense Sticks manufactured using natural ingredients.
  • Each packet contains 20 Incense Sticks.
  • It will burn between 30-40 minutes, depending upon conditions.
  • Each Box contains six packets.

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Hem - 7 African Powers Incense Stick Hexa

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Happy To Find This Spiritual Store

I’m so happy I found this spiritual shop near me! The incense smells amazing!! The Incense was too incredible. It is now my favorite incense shop!

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