7 colors- Drip Candles (two in the box)

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Our seven-colored best drip candle is all you need to make the ambiance and décor of your room or workplace more attractive and appealing. Drip candles may bring to mind a portion of the earthy specialties of many years passed by, or maybe a heartfelt evening at a comfortable unfamiliar café that utilizes these as tabletop lighting. Regardless, you can make these yourself with a container of your decision and an inventory of tight drip candles.


color drip candle is the sort of candle that dribbles its wax amply when lit; some shape candles are planned not to drip a lot, so put them away for another event. These candles start burning as white drip candles and then melt eventually into multicolor drops that provide a sense of satisfaction to you.

If you ever feel confused about where to buy drip candles, head over to Incense Pro’s website to order this hot item that comes in pairs in the boxes. These candles are a precious addition to your home to make your meditation and contemplation exercises worthwhile. 

  • Box of two drips candles.
  • 5 inches tall and 0.75 inches wide at the base.
  • Exceptional quality drip candles.
  • Top-selling product.

 Box of two taper candles. They start out white but melt into multicolor drops as they burn. A hot item! Each candle is about 9.5 inches tall and about 0.75 inches wide at the base.


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Erin henderson
I love these things are very cool

Great price for a great item!