Goloka Nagchampa Agorbathi

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Nagchampa is a scent of Indian beginning. It is produced using a blend of sandalwood and either champak or frangipani. At the point when frangipani is utilized, the smell is typically alluded to just as Champa.

Indian Incense is well known for its fine quality Nag Champa Incense and overall execution, similar to Goloka Agarbatti. These incense sticks are hand moved to give you the delicate dependable scent. It brings out the positive energy from inside you. 

This incense stick will diffuse, loosening up a fragrance that would decontaminate any region by wiping out bad points and summoning inspirational tones, making them appropriate for any home or office region. The unprecedented method of burning this agarbatti makes it unique and allows it to consume longer when contrasted with other incense sticks.

Goloka Incense benefits in meditation: With the solid fragrance that this agarbattis diffuse, it helps acquire center and clearness while rehearsing yoga or contemplation. Goloka Incense chakra balancing properties make it an exceptional incense agarbathi. It is among the 100% natural and homegrown incense sticks.

Frankincense is an extraordinary mix of sandalwood, regular saps, spices, blossoms with fragrant wood powders. Burning nagchampa incense stick and encountering the force of a one-of-a-kind fragrance can truly upgrade quiet and help you unwind. Improve any yoga or contemplation practice you have as a main priority. It is perfect for day-by-day wear, love, church, wedding, occasions, parties, reiki, reflection, mending, yoga, inspiration, and unwinding. 

  • Goloka Incense Stick is 100% natural hand made Indian Incense/Agarbatti from Goloka Seva 
  • Trust made from herbs, spices, barks with essential oils, and perfumes.
  • It is made of natural forest products and more than 90% crude oil. 
  • It is beautiful, environment-friendly, and the fragrance will spread everywhere.

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Love them! Thank you

Thank you very much for all your beautiful incenses. They smell great, and this price is excellent!

Thank you!