Vela Astral Jala Jala

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The Velas Astrales Jala Jala flame comes arranged with Jala spiritual oil. Our wish candle likewise draws in cash, making your business and workplace a good place for your well-being. Its amazing mysteries uncover a supernatural ability to forestall your adored one falling into any bad enticements.


It is exceptionally successful for carrying money and maintaining relationships both with your family and friends. It is accepted that Jala will continually take your cherished one back to your heart. As you consume the Jala candle, let its divine powers spread through the air.

Our candles have consistently been and will be utilized for reasons other than giving light to you as they work to improve your physical and spiritual health. The association of light with spirituality relies upon your confidence and conviction to the spiritual beings.

You must have confidence in the force of candle energy of Jala Jala and how it can completely change yourself for great. Nothing works without enthusiasm, and we promise to give you the exact amount of confidence that you aim to acquire. Have Faith and light Jala Jala candle for direction, energy, and wonders.

  • Best quality assured from Incense Pro.
  • Ensures positive and spiritual goodness.
  • Brings good health and mental power.
  • Invites positive spirits in your home.
  • This candle Comes prepared with Jala Jala spiritual oil.
  • Its powerful secrets reveal a supernatural power to prevent your loved one from falling into any negative temptations. This candle also attracts money. Very effective for money and relationship both.
  • It is believed that Jala Jala will always bring your loved one back to your heart. As you burn the Jala Jala candle let its mystical powers spread through the air.

Customer Reviews

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Stephen Dave
Invites positivity

The aroma invites positivity in life with proper spiritual healing. Keeps the mind standstill like water.

Dear Stephen Dave, Thank you for your review of Vela Astral Jala Jala. This fragrance is known to be a relaxant and can be a great way to encourage positivity in life.

Good quality

Omg this work so good I am very happy with it going to order another