Sandalwood Burning Oil

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If you are looking forward to getting a peaceful and relaxing sleep after a tiring day, you have found your holy grail. Surround yourself with our Sandalwood burning oil that pervades the air around you with recuperating smell offering tranquility. Sandalwood scent is regularly utilized in blend with bergamot or lavender incenses to help diminish stressful situations. The meditation freaks can now use the helpful impacts of Sandalwood aroma to improve meditation exercises by breathing in this soothing scent. Its use as a healing product, taking in sweet-smelling sandalwood aroma, can help you nod off more effectively, ease nervousness, and withdraw dejection. Being aromatherapy oil will help you stifle sensations of hostility, advance openheartedness, and empathy to improve your health. Sandalwood incense sticks are trending products that make a person stress-free and increases self-esteem and confidence. Indeed, even with straightforward, ordinary undertakings, this fragrance will help your mind feel peaceful and encompassed by elegance.
  • 100% Pure Oil, phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free.
  • Works reasonably for revitalizing your room or linen/cloth furniture.
  • Finest quality burning oil.
  • Used in a fragrance lamp.
  • Most desirable fragrance oils.
  • Utilized in electric lamps and ceramic burners.
  • Inexpensive burning oil.

Note: No oils are associated with any designer or trademark. Our huge collection of designer reproductions have the same inspiration & aroma as the expensive original for an affordable price. All are long-lasting fragrance-burning oils of the maximum quality.

Warnings: Natural oils are highly concentrated and should be used with care.

Caution: Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes. If sensitivity occurs, discontinue use immediately. If pregnant or nursing, consult your healthcare practitioner before using. Not for internal use.


Customer Reviews

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Marc Stedler
Long Lasting Aroma

Sandalwood oil has been used for centuries in spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer, and is believed to have a range of health benefits. It is known for its rich, warm, and woody aroma, which is both calming and grounding.

Dear Marc Stedler, Thank you for your review! We're glad to hear that you found the sandalwood oil to be both calming and grounding, and that it lasts a long time.

Raya De mari
Finest quality possible

Aroma of the product gives a immense joy of using the product.

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.