Seven Powers Resin Incense

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  • The Seven African Powers are summoned to assist with overcoming barriers, religious growth and connecting to at least one’s inner energy. Everybody can call upon the Seven African Powers, as they may be spirit guides and each person has access to those Orishas for their steerage.
  • Used for purification and religious purpose
  • Soothing aroma

The word ‘Seven African Powers’ is determined in numerous religions, inclusive of Santeria, Hoodoo, Candomble, Arara. In Spanish, the phrase interprets to Siete Potencias or seven powers. The Orishas that make up the 7 African Powers are Elegua, Yemaya, Oshun, Chango, Obatala, Oya, and Ogun.

Elegua opens and closes the path to mankind. He regulations the crossroads that guys journey throughout and is considered the primary Orisha created. All prayers bypass via Elegua earlier than accomplishing another Orisha. Pray to Elegua in matters of destiny and fate.

Yemaya is the Orisha of motherhood and the queen of the ocean. She is prayed to in topics of fertility and nonsecular increase. Yemaya is a source of comfort and electricity in instances of emotional disaster.

Oshun is the goddess of affection and abundance. regularly seen as the Aphrodite of the Orishas, Oshun is called upon for steerage in love and choice. She facilitates to guide those who are going via a duration of boom and transition.

Chango is the Orisha of lightning, energy, sensuality, and passion. Collectively with Oshun, Yemaya, and Obatala, Chango is one of the four pillars of Santeria. He is broadly beloved and a beacon of energy and dignity.

Obatala the eldest of the Orishas is revered because of the writer of all mankind. He is called upon in times of prison strife. Regarded to be a fair and sincere judge, Obatala presents strength to the innocent and justice to the responsible.

Oya a whirlwind of fierce strength, is the Orisha of communique between the dwelling and the useless. A preferred lover of Chango, this feminine warrior summons tornadoes and lightning to warfare her enemies.

Ogun a shielding father figure, is the Orisha of gear and guns. A lover of the wilderness, Ogun gives strength and protection to those with a battle to fight.

Together, these seven Orishas constitute a force that offers guidance and electricity through all of existence’s trials and tribulations.


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