Sri Sai Flora Fluxo Incense Stick

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Sai Flora Agarbatti company is the best in town for getting the best incense sticks. Sai Flora, Fluxo incense is made from aromatic pitches, gums, and standard essential oils. Our spiritualist fragrance is extraordinarily formed to revere God, spread fragrance in living Quarters, and create a quiet environment for regular spiritual exercises such as yoga.


Sri Sai Flora Fluxo incense sticks are a superior quality hand moved Indian incense from the Damodhar organization in Bangalore, notable for its unmistakable red and gold parcel.

Sri Sai Flora masala agarbatti gives the perfect scent conceivable; it replaces waiting smells with a bright aroma that stirs the internal tranquility of the faculties. These incense sticks are known for their smell, which awards positive imperativeness, fights negative energies, and significantly disinfects the earth.

The Sai Flora Incense benefits and gives divine mindfulness and disinfecting in homes, shops, clinical centers, schools, and work environments. It is helpful for the center in great practice and stirring of significant inclination. It restores the level of comfort and peacefulness in the climate by renewing an individual's supernatural qualities. The aroma thwarts bothersome, awful essentialness and terrible soul from entering the home.

This incense stick brings into reality a great allure, making a fantasy of warmth and a smooth, significant scent. It rekindles an individual significantly and takes them through a sensitive and smooth supernatural trip.

  • It advances well-being.
  • It forestalls contamination of the soul.
  • It has a cleansing aroma.
  • It invites strength and positivity.

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Very strong, smells

Very strong, smells better than original nagchampa. Thick incense sticks (1 stick =3 normal sized incense) and that they burn for at least half hours. Love them.