Velas Astrales Abre Puertas

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The Velas Astrales Candle is our top-seller wish/intention candle with many spiritual benefits that purify your soul and mind from all evil and negative thoughts. The business deals you aim to achieve for flourishing your business among your competitors.


The flame of Abre Puertas Candle attracts more clients and helps get more money. The relationships that weaken with time and may affect your mental health can be re-established using this scented candle.

The people who envy your success can be conquered due to the magical impacts that this ethereal candle imparts on you and your enemies. Whenever you feel difficulty performing prayers and other religious rituals, light this candle up to fill the room with a sense of satisfaction that makes you feel accomplished.

The success that you desire to achieve and strive for will come your way itself once you utilize our enticing Velas Astrales Abre Puertas Candle. The Abre Puertas candle is efficient to positively perceive things from your surroundings, providing Abre Puertas’s spiritual benefits that you must acquire to lead a successful life!

  • Exceptional quality scented candle.
  • Helps promote health and success.
  • Reestablishes healthy relationships.
  • Strengthens mental capabilities.
  • Effective candle for money, doing good in business, and getting more clients.
  • This Candle is used for  Health, Mental power, Business, Love, Overcome adversaries at work, relationships, enemies, Judgments Legal issues.
  • Achiever Achieve the objectives that have been proposed.
  • Open door to success.

- Mentioned price is for 1 PIECE.


Customer Reviews

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The Tourmaline Rock is Authentic

I didn’t know that crystals rocks can clean humans out of problems, even though I heard they could. I came across this website online while looking for incense, the incense was good I came back to look for crystals and bought their Tourmaline rock and it has been a blessing to me. I keep one with me in my work bag and I keep one at home next to my bed.

Thank you for the review. We're glad to hear that the Tourmaline Rock is helping you cleanse your energy and clear your problems.

I really enjoyed the candle

The candle's scent was great and smelled just like the essential oils.