Wish Candle - Dominacion

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Burn this show-stopper candle to give your spiritual senses a boost to start a day with positivity and goodness. Our wish candle dominacion has an enticing aroma that improves your focus so you can perform tasks well. It is time to get successful! All you have to do is to improve your business dealings with more focus and attention. There are two colors in this scented candle that comprises essential oils utilized for spiritual purposes.


These essential oils make it a sensational candle for the buyers who achieve some life goal and crave victory. The wish candles are helpful in prayers and other ritual practices in your life by dominating you among your enemies. Stimulate your limbic system and let the happy hormones float in your body to regulate your mood. As the name shows, defeat your sense of fulfillment and triumph by fighting your opponents in your workplace by using wish candle dominacion. Level up your energy game by buying this sensual candle from Incense Pro!

  • Superb quality candles.
  • Invigorating aroma to fill you with a sense of completion.
  • Fulfills your desires and needs.
  • Build a healthy relationship with your family members.
  • Dominacion scented jar candle made with essential oils and embedded tokens to aid in prayer and ritual meant to help you dominate your enemies.

Customer Reviews

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Srabon Roy
Cool scent

The scent is perfect for chanting in home and closed places. Also fulfills desires and keeps the bonding in family intact.

Dear Srabon Roy, Thanks for the feedback! We're glad you're enjoying the scent and that it's helping to keep the family together.

Ken B.
Smelled good

The fragrance diverts the mind towards spirituality.
Quality product.