Dropshipping is a business where you are the business owner, and you do not have to buy, stock, or ship the goods you are selling. Our dropshipping program will give you access to our full suite of all-natural products at discounted rates. Next, you sell the item, and we'll ship it directly to the final customer without our business name — that's it! You make a profit by reselling the item for more than you paid us for it — and you don't have to stock or ship the orders yourself NOR you need any INVESTMENT. Simple and Easy! 

We DO NOT put any invoices, QR codes, promotions, or our brand name logo in the shipments.

Dropshipping, particularly for those working with a supplier who operates directly out of the U.S.A., provides an opportunity to jump right into the entrepreneurial world with no hurdles whatsoever. With dropshipping, you don't have to worry about finding and buying inventory, leasing a warehouse to stock the inventory, hiring employees to process orders, packing, shipping, etc.; this means to huge savings in overhead costs and lets you jump into business without investing thousands. 

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Quick shipping is imperative in today's world. Customers expect instant gratification, and long waiting times for deliveries will impede your ability to sell and grow. Overseas companies, in particular, can be challenging to deal with, at Incense Pro, we process orders in few hours upon receiving, so that the customer could get the items as fast as possible. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority in terms of reaching out the orders and the quality of the items of the order. You can expect the same business day turn-around for all orders received before 3.00 pm EST (subject to stock availability), and we provide tracking numbers on all orders. 

We are Los Angeles, California-based company famous for Scented Body Oil, Burning Oil, Essential Oil, Healing Crystals, Candles, Joss Incense Stick & Cone, Soap, Fragrance Lamp, Himalayan salt lamp, Sage, Palo Santo & other aromatherapy metaphysical items.  

In the website, we have mentioned the delivery timeframe for each of the products. After placing the order, you can track the orders from the tracking number. Also, you will get a notification of your order's movements in each progress until delivery. Our website, is an automated, hassle-free platform.  

We mostly use USPS First Class and Priority Mail service. You can expect the order delivery within 4-7 business days.  

We carefully handle every order. So, No worries about the shipping delay and wrong/broken item delivered! Where most of the Drop shippers worry about it and count huge losses every month. 


You assured that if your customer is not 100% satisfied with the items they receive, they can return the item for a 100% refund or replacement. However, any beauty and/or aromatherapy products are exempted from return hence refund. At Incense Pro, we do not provide Return Shipping label. We process the refund after we receive the items in an original condition and packaging. 


Excellent customer service can be hard to come by these days, we know. We commit ourselves to be available to you through phone, email, live chat.

Follow the process outlined below, and boom! You're ready to start earning as an Aromatherapy metaphysical products distributor. 


  • Open your drop shipping account from here.
  • List our products on your website at your choice. You can copy our product title and image, but we recommend to write a unique description and modified image due to google ranking factors and penalties.  
  • We can provide CSV file if necessary.  
  • Sell our products on your website at the price that you have set.
  • Please place an order on our website and pay our discounted price. When your application is approved, we will give you a 10%-30% discount code (depend on your sell volume) to use during the order place on the checkout page. 
  • We discreetly ship directly to your customer with your custom-designed packing list.
  • You keep the profit between your sale proceeds and our discounted prices.

If you're an online retailer, our dropship program can drive up your sales and brand loyalty!

Apply for your dropship account now. 

Dropship fulfillment services are available to businesses with a tax ID (reseller) number in their state. Our dropshipping program is currently available to online retailers and marketplace sellers with a registered business in the United States or abroad. We offer a free plan with no other charges and no monthly minimums.

Note: Please be aware without our permission; don't copy our website content. We have a copyrighted license and DMCA Infringement takedown service. If any of our content is stolen and found over the internet, they will take legal action on our behalf of us.