Organic Black Soap Liquid

  • organic african black soap liquid
  • organic african black soap liquid
  • organic African Natural black soap liquid

Organic Black Soap Liquid


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Treat your hair and body to a total cleaning experience with our Organic Liquid African Black Soap! This uniquely planned mix was made for touchy skin. Fluid African Black Soap is a characteristic wellspring of Vitamins A and E and Iron. The delicate shedding will clean pores and restore your hair and skin leaving you new and clean.

Ingredients: Cocoa Pods, Coconut Oil, Palm Butter, Palm Tree Leaves, Plantain, Shea Butter, Shea Tree Bark, Water. 

Benefits of Organic African Black Soap

√ Eliminates Fungal Skin Infections

√ Soothes Razor Bumps

√ Soothes & Heals Eczema

√ Reduces Oily Skin

√ Cleanses Skin

√ Good for Sensitive Skin Types

√ Reduces Blemishes & Dark Spots

√ Fights Facial & Body Acne

√  Calms Psoriasis

√ Evens Out Dark Spots

√ Unclogs Blocked Pores

√ Minimizes Fine Lines & Wrinkles

√ Helps Fade Acne Scars