Gum Damar- Pure Resin Incense Stick

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Gum Damar incense is very sacred. This incense bring enlightenment in a sole. It has been utilized to heal, adjust, and clear energies and for ripeness, sympathy, and mental strength. Consume alone, or consolidate with different resins in a handmade incense holder for a thoughtful mix.


These resin incense sticks have a smooth Southwestern fragrance. These incense sticks are recuperating, animating, and are satisfying to the mountain divine beings. The sweet-smelling benefits of the resin incense sticks incorporate purging, leveling, and reviving impact to your soul.

Spiritual advantages incorporate recuperating, insurance, refinement. When consumed on charcoal, these enormous bits of Natrial Mix Resin Incense Sticks resound a wonderfully warm and new sweet scent. The characteristics that this resin brings are harmony and equilibrium of the soul. It clears negative energy from one's air and climate. It is incredible for positive assurance, mental insurance, and strength.

It's a locally and naturally collected pitch from the local trees that are local to our space. Consuming natrial incense is another approach to associate with the excellence of nature! It is consecrated to the locals of the southwest for its rich, impactful smoke and recuperating properties. When softened on hot charcoal, resin incense pitch delivers a beautiful scent that recuperates, clears clairvoyant space, and establishes a quieting climate. 

  • 10 sticks
  • cooling & uplifting
  • It restores positive energy.
  • It purifies the soul.
  • It is utilized in customs.
  • It helps to heal and secure people.

Customer Reviews

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Maiser Rassem
Handmade Incense

This handmade resin incense has been used for centuries in various religious and spiritual practices, as well as for meditation, relaxation, and aromatherapy. This resin has its own unique scent and properties and can be used for different purposes.

Dear Maiser Rassem, Thank you for your review of our Gum Damar- Pure Resin Incense Stick. We're glad to hear that you enjoy this product and find it helpful for various purposes. We hope you enjoy using it!

Suphian Kamun
Spiritual purification

The scent is the soul purifier and holds attention
for a long time.

Dear Suphian Kamun, I'm glad you found the scent of the Gum Damar- Pure Resin Incense Stick to be spiritual purification! I think it's a great addition to anyones spiritual cleansing kit.