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Power of Candles- for Love, Luck, Business, Money, Success & More

Oct 14, 2018
What is Candle?

A candle is an ignitable wick embedded in wax or some other flammable strong substance which includes tallow, that gives light and in some cases, a fragrance. Candles have long been a beacon of light for those wanting and needing inspiration, hope, pleasure, and blessings of their daily lives. The burning of candles symbolizes a path out of the darkness and “into the light”.

Candles are regularly burned to have a good time momentous occasions or to commemorate tragedies. The power of candles is also an essential a part of group demonstrations or at rallies for a “greater common purpose”. lighting candles is a spiritual link to our souls – this act connects our feelings to our physical being and connects us to current events happening in our lives. So, it is no surprise that people all around the world burn candles for their deepest and most precious dreams and wishes. The power of a flaming candle can carry energy and precise “influencing vibrations” for all types of situations.

Reason for Burning Candle:

Candles were used since time immemorial for a variety of reasons from the sensible, religious and ceremonial, to the decorative and romantic. In working with air of secrecy and the Divine light, candles play a powerful supportive position. Candles have their very own particular pressure subject that is unequalled in accomplishing and redirecting energy that has long gone off track. They have got esoteric which means that can be used for personal and spiritual purposes.

Power of Candle:

Burning candle accomplish several things. It is going to alert the divine that you are inquiring for added help. Further, it will create the surroundings of active help. When one is worried, that strength isn't always best expressed in the auric subject, it could permeate the surrounding which can inadvertently be picked up again, even after a meditation. And in the end, burning candles allow you to maintain the benefits of your meditation and continues you from unintentionally reigniting internal patterns of fear all over again.

It is amazing to discover the usage of candle and it's power. Adding candle is a great device in spiritual practice.

Use of Different Colored Candle:

Candles represent unique spiritual energies depending on the colored candle you use. Lighting candles during meditation is an outstanding way to assist the meditative process. As an example, if you are usually mediating with the deep rose-pink ray of spiritual love, pink candle is a powerful way to support your light work. Or in case you are working with the prosperity ray, lights a blue candle helps your effort to build your focus of abundance. It’s a good concept to have a collection of various colored candles as a part of your meditation practice. A white candle can usually be used if you can not find the colored candle you want. For fear and anxiety, burn blue, gold and bright orange candles together to help disperse these emotions. 

Candle Colors and Their Meanings:

  • White Candles to Bring Good Health, Peace and Blessings
  • Blue Candles for Uncrossing and Protections from Harm & Envy
  • Green Candles to Draw Money, Wealth and Prosperity
  • Red Candles to Draw Love and for Seduction and Sexual Prowess
  • Orange Candles for Controlling and Influencing Others
  • Yellow Candle to seek access to wisdom, creativity & concentration
  • Purple Candles to Overcome Obstacles, Conquering & Commanding
  • Brown Candles to Remove Jinx, Hex, Spells or Curses
  • Gold Candles to achieve Enlightenment Fast Luck, Prosperity and Glory
  • Black Candles to Drive Away Evil & Keep Away Enemies, neutralize negative energy. 

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How to Use Candles:

Lighting candles throughout meditation, can work on their own. For example, if you experience enveloped by a sturdy worry of anything or feel tense for no apparent cause, burning candles can help.

First, reflect on what's causing your tension. Meditate with the Divine light to cut loose the concern and uplift the awareness. Then add working with candles outside your meditation.

Whilst you first start, burn the candles for 2 hours. After the initial burning, relight the candles for ten minutes intermittently during the day or till you sense a lifting. If there's still the issue, burn a powder blue candle for Inspirations minutes before going to bed.

 Caution and Tips:

Safety first in terms of candles. Don’t go away candles unattended. Every now and then it’s exact to burn them in a tray, sink or something this is nonflammable. Vacations, weekends, mornings or evenings are proper times to work with candles.

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