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Moisturizing is one of the key factors for the care of the skin. The moisturizing makes the skin glowing, hydrated and beautiful. It also slows down the process of aging. Body lotions are formulated with a major portion of water and a bit of oil. This is the reason they are suited for every skin type. Best body lotions provide intense moisture to the skin and revitalize the skin texture. Body lotion use for preventing the dry conditions of the skin, scales and patchy texture of the skin and it also treats minor irritations. It is essential to use body lotion every day as our skin required moisture daily. Body lotion can be applied on the face and on the whole body. There are various types of lotion available with different scents and different formulation, one should select body lotion according to individual skin needs. Body lotions for men are formulated and contain ingredients that are best for men skin and body lotion for women are according to their delicate skin anatomy. Body lotions are applied to the skin in a circular motion for better penetration into the skin. They can be used after the shower to seal the moisture into the skin.


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Black Seed Lotion
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Stress Relief Lotion
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