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Wonderful Smell

I love the incense because it makes me feel like I am in a field of roses!

Phenomenal Service, Quality Pieces

I received the very well packed incense burner via UPS. It was crushed down on one side in shipping , damaging the piece. I emailed Incense Pro and they took care of it immediately. They are very professional and fast delivery as well. Thank You…. I love this heavy piece, ITS VERY WELL MADE!!!

Thank you so much for appreciating our service and the product. We try to provide the Highest Quality Service and the Best Quality Products.
Thanks a lot for acknowledging our effort.

Incense Sticks

I love them! They smell amazing! Pure Copal just as the box says.

Thank you!!

Great Handmade Incense

Great Incense and Excellent service !! Absolutely recommend coming in the store and and seeing all the available Products they have.

Thank you for appreciating our service!

So happy I found these!

smell is excellent, so purifying, and the customer service was great! Thank you!

Thank you!

Nicely scented

I purchased this burning oil to saturate incense sticks I purchased from another vendor, which did not burn correctly from that vendor. With the burning oil, the sticks still do not burn.

However, the scent I purchased is a wonderful.

Thank you for your detail review. Thanks for liking our product.

Packaging was deplorable

I ordered approximately 10 packs of incense and when I opened the envelope, the plastic sleeves were a mess of stickiness and oil, so much so that I could no longer read the identifying labels on a few of them due to smudging. I was forced to remove every stick from their sleeves and place them in different containers before use. What a bother.
I have no complaint regarding the incense itself. It is long-burning and smells nice.

Thank you for the detail review.
Actually hand made fresh incense do come with oil, that’s how it stays fresh and when you burn incense it smells strong. That’s the basic difference between dry incense and handmade incense.

White Sage 8"-9"
Terry Woods

Burns well and scent as expected.

Thank you!!

The best!!!

I love this mystical incense tower! It fits in with my decor perfectly! It’s absolutely beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing the lovely picture and the awesome review!!

Instant Bliss

I’ve never used Jasmine as incense, so using it now is wonderful. Instant relaxation and joy. You feel it fill the room inviting positive energy. Definitely will buy again.

Thanks for taking out the time and writing for us.

Sauvage- Dior Body Oil (M)
Hassib Abi rafeh
Great sent

I have tried other top sellers but this beats all of them for men. I got the most compliments

Thanks for appreciating our product and taking your time out to share with everyone.!!

Incense sticks

Products reached me very quickly altough I live in another continent..amazing flavour..will order certainly again. I can recommend this store 💯

Thanks for appreciating our service!!

Cherry Burning Oil
Ericka Graham
Smells Yummy

This scent is one of my favorites because I think it smells like dark cherries, right after they've had a good washing!

Thanks for appreciating our product!

Opium Incense Cone
Charles C Bocchino

Absolutely great. Will order again soon.

Thank you!!

Favorite scent!!!

Thank you!!

Insense cones

They are awesome they have hole to make some go inward and with my insense back flow works.. I only used purple so far.

Thanks for your words.


Smells amazing and I only lit for little bit and smells stays around for awhile.

Thanks for appreciating our product.

Tree back flow

Love it looks awesome and does what it's supposed to.

Thanks for your review.

Myrrh Resin Incense
Manny Pacquiaoming
Two Thumbs Up 👍🏻

Love the fresh smell. Will buy again.

Thanks for appreciating our product.

Frankincense Resin Incense
Manny Pacquiaoming
Happy customer

Legit Incense products. Will buy again.

Thanks for appreciating us!

Always a favorite

Can’t go wrong with their resin or oil 💓

Thanks for appreciating us.

Works great in my herbal bath soaks

Dried Juniper berry or the oil works wonders in an epsom salt bath - just sayin!

Thanks for taking out the time and write for us :)

Quality oil

I use clove oil to dress certain candles and I’m very particular in where I obtain my supplies for my holistic skincare products or other metaphysical products. I love incense pro overall for being such a lovely, helpful staff that genuinely price their items pretty well too! Thanks guys!

Thanks for supporting Incense Pro!

Burberry Incense

Always a pleasure to burn these around the house

Thank you for appreciating our product!!

Musk Incense Stick
Brenda Williams
Another thumbs up

Great, strong, lasting aroma. It's earthy with a little sweet floral scent. I absolutely love it. Will definitely buy again.

Thanks for the review!! Look forward for your next business!!