Incense Sticks

Incense sticks are the aromatic material that releases the scented and fragmented smoke when they are ignited. Incense sticks are used for many reasons like the offering, rituals, ceremonies, aromatherapies, etc. Incense sticks have been used that dates back to ancient times. These sticks are also used to repel from the evil and devils. The purpose of incense sticks is in producing fragrant air in religious gatherings and in meditations for freshening up the environment. The benefits of incense sticks are numerous, they produce scents, fragrances, and aromas that trigger responses. These responses are the mind and body relaxation, increasing concentration, promoting creativity and enhancing motivation. These aromatic incense sticks are available with a variety of flavors to choose from according to your scent taste and response you want to trigger. The flavors available in fragrance sticks are rose, cinnamon, blue sage, lavender, sandalwood, clove, coconut, fast luck, frankincense myrrh, dragon blood, etc. These varieties of scents have calming, anti-stress effects and even some have spiritual effects of attracting money, divine powers, good fortune, and good luck. Incense sticks made of sticks that coated with fragrance oil. They are made with natural materials. The upper part of the stick is coated and this is the part that is ignited first, which releases the smoke and fragrance.


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