Resin Incense Sticks

Resin incense sticks provide a natural base to the natural ingredients that are burnt to produce the aura of spirituality in the environment, these incense sticks are made with tree sap and charcoal. That’s why these Resin Incense Sticks are considered as the purest form of incense. It is used as a natural remedy for healing as these natural resin incenses are obtained from the plant, so they are good for health. The traditional; way of burning resin incense is to put on lighted charcoal. You put the lighted charcoal on a brass burner and spread few pieces of resin on the lighted charcoal. The smoke will appear instant, go around your room or home with lighted resin incense in the brass burner. While going around you keep blowing the incense and pray, once you are done you put the burner in one place, the charcoal hence the incense will turn off automatically. For the resin incense stick, you can use any regular incense burner.


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