Tree of Life Orgonite Pyramid (Clear quartz, aventurine, amethyst)

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With its gentle pink beauty, the fine and beautiful Quartz is a gemstone of the heart and a Crystal of limitless Love. It inhibits a soft feminine power of compassion and serenity, tenderness and recovery, growth and comfort.


It communicates directly to the Heart Chakra, taking in emotional wounds, guilt, and fears. It circulates a Divine loving power throughout the atmosphere. It has many powers, including emotional healing.

First, it comforts and recovers any wounds the heart has gone through, eliminating the sorrows, worries, pain, and hatred by reciprocating it with healing, love, comfort, and nourishment. Secondly, Quarts have balancing energy. It provides us with the balancing ability to be ourselves and helps us acknowledge our own needs and feelings more effectively. By the spiritual energy, it emanates it links the heart of the Earth and Universe.

It helps calm down and not be angry or fearful. It gives one hope and faith in the Universe.  Amethyst is one of the most famous "healing stones" and February's birthstone.  It has been celebrated throughout the ages for its stunning beauty and powers that stimulate and calm the mind.

Amethyst's Healing Energy is helpful to the emotional body. Those who need a break from life due to being overworked, overwhelmed, or overstressed. It is just the kind of aura one would need after a tiresome day to preach some self-love and calm.

  • It makes one more passionate and romantic
  • Help get rid of any fears or resentments
  • It helps create a stress-free environment
  • It emanates a relaxing and positive energy
  • W: 3” H: 2.5"


Customer Reviews

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Sandy Sinha
Finest Crystal

Directly heal the heart chakra and uphold the finest motives of life. Colorful and keeps the peace intact.

Dear Sandy Sinha, Thank you for your kind review! We're glad to hear that our Orgonite Pyramid is making a positive impact in your life.

Ashu Dev
Token of love

It healed very gently the Heart Chakra of mine and edified my mind with the feel of love and tenderness.
Loved it

Thank you so much for appreciating our product.