Benzoin Incense Stick- Hexa

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Benzoin is a typical fixing in incense production due to its sweet vanilla-like smell and fixative properties.


Benzoin Resin benefits and is a significant segment of the chapel incense utilized in Russia and some other Orthodox Christian social orders, just as Western Catholic Churches. Most benzoin is used in India's Arabian Peninsula and Hindu sanctuaries, scorched on charcoal as incense.

Benzoin Incense Benefits in refinement, success, favors, and hence empowers and elevates your spirit.

Benzoin Resin Incense is consumed for purging, astral projection, clears negative energy, dynamic equilibrium, facilitates bitterness, discouragement, exhaustion, anguish, outrage, uneasiness, and to draw in flourishing and success.

Benzoin is best used to give peace to your heart and improve fixation. It's anything but an attractive incense stick for those looking for an excursion into the astral world. Spiritually, Benzoin incense uses include advanced liberality and can open a hurtful soul experiencing narrow-mindedness. It is known to make easy the blockages and drive away malicious spirits.

  • Invigorates your senses.
  • It makes your soul feel at ease.
  • Animating impact on brain and body.
  • Six-packs within a box.
  • It contains almost 20 incense sticks

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Tammy Schiefer
I really like this incense aroma

I really like this incense aroma and was surprised at how I felt when I burned it. It seemed to clear my mind and increase my vibration to a higher level.