Hem Protection Incense Hexa

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Breathe in the tempting and relieving smell of Protection Incense Hexa from Incense Pro. Feel invigorated and peaceful by drawing serenity to your life using our Hem Protection Incense Sticks with the hypnotizing scent of this Incense made of developed spices, love potion resin, and essential oils. This perfectly heartfelt Incense delivers a waiting fragrance that causes your soul to feel a sense of fulfillment.


The aroma of protection incense offers by the consumption of Incense is perceived by numerous societies for their quieting, placating amounts. Let these Incense Sticks assist you with making a climate of harmony and serenity.

Protection Incense has a perfectly delicate yet full-bodied fragrance, portrayed by a golden flower note with woody tones. A convincing incense that makes an all – plaguing emanation of strictness. Breathe in profoundly, to purge the brain and soul. Protection stick incense by Hem are independently hand moved stick incense comprised of sacrosanct spices that compare with security to help you show your mystical purpose!

Protection incense stick benefits as it has a mysterious, captivating, supernatural fragrance. Protection incense is made for those functioning security spells, insurance magic, or just to consume while performing custom.

The hem incense stick is uncommonly figured to eliminate and repulse negative energy, envy malignance, and clairvoyant vampires. This Incense secures both the physical and energetic levels. 

  • It helps to reestablish the honesty of a person.
  • It ensures against any cynicism.
  • It fills the chakras with positive energy.
  • It uplifts you spiritually.

Customer Reviews

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Cathy Stroman
Smells really good

Sure hope I am protected. I have burnt plenty of it! Smells really good too!