Hem Myrrh Incense Hexa

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Myrrh resin Incense is an old type of incense got from the Commiphora tree. Myrrh is connected with the sublime locale of the Innermost. Myrrh is the aroma of Aries. Experience the profound seriousness through this famous scriptural incense.


Myrrh incense sticks benefits as it reestablishes lost mental and actual energy. It is beneficial for mental fatigue and wretchedness—our incense assists with sleep deprivation and stress. Egyptians and even Christians have customarily utilized this aroma as a component of the saturating normal or through the hand-crafted scent for great skin.

It is likewise accepted to have extraordinary mental and actual medical advantages, mainly because of its unwinding instigating properties. As indicated by the Bible, myrrh has been utilized as a pain killer for toothaches and can be used in cream for wounds, hurts, and injuries. Myrrh is a typical fixing in tooth powder.

It was talented to the child Jesus by the three savvy men on his introduction to the world. The scent of myrrh incense portrays as woody, warm, fragrant and fiery, and somewhat therapeutic. It was talented to the child Jesus by the three astute men on the event of his birth.

Hem Myrrh Incense Sticks has for quite some time been utilized in conventional Chinese medication and Ayurvedic medication.

  • It purges a space.
  • It drives away destructive impacts 
  • It repulses poisonous substances 
  • It's an ageless aroma for purging and unwinding. 

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Good quality

I am very pleased with my purchase and its vendor. Myrrh has a very good smell.