Maya Copal Incense Stick

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Copal is a resin found in tropical trees, especially the forests in Mexico. Burning incense spreads a very soft, woody and, spiritual fragrance. In Asian countries, copal incense is during funerals and similar death-related events as it is known to be the food for our souls. Meditation and relaxation are two frequent activities accompanied by Maya copals therapeutic aroma.


Copal is also related to the crown chakra as it cleanses one's mind and soul which, deepens ones' attention span. It helps positive energy flow without any power blockages which, may lead to more peace. It is also known to be the "bread of God," hence used as a unique offering to God.

Burning copal incense helps purify the space and the people within its boundaries. It has the power to heal one emotionally and boost physical recovery. Copal incense sticks do not only cleanse the environment but also spreads in but also bless the people within that boundary.

The aroma is very ancient and holy scented as it reminds one of spiritual rituals and ceremonies. It is known to be the food for souls according to Mayan culture. Copal is also shaped into tamales to join the dead on their journey to the hereafter.

  • Used for spiritual rituals 
  • It spreads blessings
  • It has a very ancient woody scent
  • It helps positive energy flow

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great customer service

this place has everything you’ll need and amazing customer service!

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Miriam Simmons
So happy I found these!

smell is excellent, so purifying, and the customer service was great! Thank you!

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TL Robinson
Great Smelling Copal

I have tried numerous Copal incense as it now a favorite of mine. This is a very mild, pleasant incense an not over powering. Very quick shipping. Thank you

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Good quality

The smell is a pleasant smell. I buy these often and I’m very happy with this.

Smith Erica
Highly recommended

Such a nice incense. Burn for really long time.

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