Domination/ Domination Oil

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Our Domination Oil is a must-have to include in your day and night routine to gain spiritual enlightenment. Wear as an aroma at whatever point you are around the individual you wish to control. Wear our wish/ intention oil has the ideal opportunity for force and command over day-by-day circumstances throughout everyday life.


The Domination oil can be utilized on your wrists, chest, temple, or neck. You can likewise dress a spiritual candle to build the force of the candle-consuming custom. This domination oil benefits and motivates to get and apply control. Use to rule a circumstance, toxic relationship, troublesome individual, rivalry, or any time you need the high ground.

Use on purple or dark (assimilate cynicism) candles, figure and skull candles, poppets, and so forth. Mastery Oil is to order others to do as you will. Controlling and instructing herb-containing oils are utilized for overwhelming, maintaining, and powering anybody to make your offering.

Utilize the wish oils to bless your body; to dress your candles, seals, and charms; to favor your unique raised area or anything in your home; to place in your shower water; to decontaminate and purge any room in your home; to send back any abhorrent; and numerous different purposes.

  • Secures you from the evil eye.
  • Spreads positive aura.
  • Helps take control over situations.
  • Dominate and get over the negative spirits.

Customer Reviews

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Nizam Uddin
Controls situations

Helps dominate in several odd situations and causes the ingredients to have such power to control. Also, spreads positivity.

Dear Nizam Uddin, Thank you for your review of our Domination/ Domination Oil! We're glad to hear that it helps control situations and spreads positivity.

This oil is great

I Love everything I have brought from here. Have faith and it all works!