Double Fast Luck Oil

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Open your doors to gain and welcome good luck and positive vibes to your home. Double Fast Luck oil from Incense Pro is a hoodoo or magic opposing oil produced conventionally using a standard formula.


Double fast luck oil is a blend of Cinnamon, Vanilla, and Wintergreen essential oils that structure the red base half, while a "fortunate" cologne shapes the top green half. Shake well and rub a couple of drops between palms before applying to your body. You can use it to get money, candles, magic packs, lottery tickets, cash boxes, your wallet, candles.

Due to our wish oil's spiritual advantages, the conceivable outcomes are interminable! Double Fast Luck Oil aids to acquire you karma a rush, generally excellent for the individuals who play bingo or play the lottery. Bless your bingo card or lottery ticket with the oil.

This luck bringing wish/intention oil attracts good luck and helps maintain a healthy life to ensure positive well-being. Head over to our website and order yours now!

  • Good luck, oil.
  • It attracts goodness and is a good omen oil.
  • Removes negativity from your home.
  • It can be used in rituals and prayer ceremonies.

Customer Reviews

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Tabiya Goss
Removes negativity

The oil is a good luck promoter as well as negativity eradicator with sweet aroma.

Dear Tabiya Goss, Thank you for the review! We're glad to hear that the oil is effective at removing negativity and promoting good luck.

Erna J. Arrant
High Quality For Sure!

High-quality oils, great customer service, fast shipping. Would recommend 100%

Thank you!