Honey & Roses/ Miely Rosas Oil

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Roses are a sign of attracting people as it has an enticing aroma that soothes your senses and soul. Our wish/intention oils help you reveal the secrets of your soul that help you reach a point where you feel connected to the divine beings. The soul needs a spark that activates your faculties, enriching your heart with positivity and peace.

The Honey and Roses oil relives your soul and body by its refreshing smell. You can utilize it as a perfume to attain power and control over situations in routine life. Apply it on the body points like wrists, chest, forehead, and neck to make the smell last longer so you smell heavenly the whole day. Your inner balance must be maintained, and the state of equilibrium is acquired through our Miely Rosas Oil from our spiritual collection.

Our Honey and Roses oil benefits include developing a healthy and deep connection with your inner self. Get your honey and roses intention oil now!

  • An appealing scent.
  • Long-lasting scented oil.
  • Top-quality intention oil.
  • Best ritual oil to boost power and strength.

Wear as a perfume whenever you are around the person you wish to control. Wear it all the time for power and control over daily situations in life. The Domination oil can be used on your wrists, chest, forehead, or neck. You can also dress a spiritual candle to increase the power of the candle burning ritual.


Customer Reviews

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Raegar Tyrian
Refreshing aroma

As the oil is full of roses and honey, the essences enriched the mixture with beautiful scent and promoter of peace to the soul.

Dear Raegar Tyrian, Thank you for your review! We're glad you enjoyed the refreshing aroma of our Miely Rosas Oil.

Canan Ozaktay
Best Rose Oil

Simply the best rose oil I ever tried. Highly recommended!