What is Crystal Healing? Few Crystals and Their Properties

What is Crystal Healing? Few Crystals and Their Properties

Aug 14, 2018
For centuries, Crystals had been considered valuable for their technological, healing and spiritual features. There’s a lot to be said about crystal recuperation, an alternative medical practice that employs crystals and gemstones for a huge type of healing and therapeutic properties. Though our personal beliefs in the healing properties of crystals vary, we assume that whether or not you adhere to crystal healing, these beautiful stones provide ideal objects upon which to consciousness advantageous intentions. A space with plants improve the feeling of the space, we find that crystals and gemstones infuse our homes and workspace with advantageous vibes.

Crystal healing is a charming topic and a lot has been written and studied on  these shiny, lustrous and natural objects throughout a huge variety of crystal culture. 

Spiritual Crystals: Different types of crystals have long been thought to bestow certain characteristics on those who are using them, helping them access certain emotions. Different crystals makes use of consist of aquamarine to release fear; amethyst crystals are a concept to reduce emotions of anger and impatience,  carnelian to enhance self-belief; hematite is to dissolve negativity, lapiz to bring harmony.

Medicinal Crystals: Similarly as spiritual advantages, new age scientific practitioners claim that the presence and different uses of certain crystals has distinctive kinds of clinical blessings. These benefits consist of: amethyst to deal with complications or unbalanced blood sugar; aquamarine to modify the immune system, coronary heart and lymph nodes; carnelian to help with energy, the reproductive system and menstrual cramps; citrine to cleanse the spleen, kidneys and liver; coral to help the metabolism, spine and tissue regeneration; emeralds to help with the thymus and childbirth; jade to help cleanse the blood and the nervous system; rubies to help with LDL cholesterol and blood clots; and sapphire to help with infection, fever and nosebleeds in addition to tuberculosis.

Crystal Healing: Few crystals and what they do

Quartz Crystal

Zodiac sign: All!

Properties: Quartz is the ordinary stone, a pure and effective power source. It stimulates the mind to feature, making you sense aware, active and alert in all levels of attention. A conventional crystal for transmitting, storing and amplifying effective energy.

It is clean, shiny and coming in so many bureaucracy (clusters, points, chunks…) quartz is just a traditional. It certainly happening in rock formations in it's hikes!


Zodiac sign: Pisces, Virgo, Aquarius and Capricorn

Properties: Amethyst is honestly a type of quartz, however with deep purple suggestions. Legend links this purple color to wine, and Amethyst has been used to relieve hangovers. It also facilitates one to hook up with their very own spirituality, cuts via illusion and complements psychic ability.

The shade and color of this crystal is super intoxicating.

Rose Quartz

Zodiac sign: Libra and Taurus

Properties: Rose Quartz has a completely fitting name, as this opaque crystal is coloured with a sensitive pink hue, nearly glowing from within. Called the "love stone," this crystal excels at fortifying relationships, dispelling negativity and developing peaceful surroundings.

This crystal the "love stone" makes a high-quality thoughtful gift to a partner or friend. Whether or not as a wedding gift or while an apology this is an extraordinary one for all matters courting.

Tiger Eye

Zodiac sign: Capricorn

Properties: This is a gemstone with deep amber, striated and evidently lustrous, Tiger Eye is a balancing, grounding stone that supposedly enables the bearer to preserve and grow their wealth, and facilitates create attention and expertise. Very protective crystal, It works against negativity and reflect the negativity back to its origin.

Very pretty crystal it shines even when it is unpolished. This stone makes one calm and ground during a demanding moments.

Iron Pyrite

Zodiac sign: Leo

Properties: Vibrant, brilliant and golden, it is no surprise Pyrite is nicknamed "idiot's gold." It wards off poor strength and physical hazard, at the same time it enhance intellect and memory into excessive gear.

This crystal just feels otherworldly. So heavy, so vivid, iron Pyrite just feels exact in the hand.  

What are your favorite crystals? How do you use them - for crystal healing, meditation or just for decoration? Share with us in the comments!


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