Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan salt lamps are made with big, asymmetric pieces of pink Himalayan salt, having a light bulb in it. When it glows, it not only provides a soothing light in the room but also makes the environment calm. Sometimes they are carved into different smooth shapes while some people prefer natural look. Himalayan lamps claimed to be environment purifiers. They release negative ions, that balance the ratio of existing ions in the place, creating a fresh ambience. Negative ions leaves a healthy effect on your body. They improve breathing, calm your nerves down and boost up mood. That is the reason you might have seen a salt lamp in the room of therapist or your yoga instructor — salt lamp benefits to people with health issues like Asthma, allergies and diseases related to respiration. Other than health benefits, they serve as an attractive decoration piece. Place nothing but a salt lamp in the corner of the room and see the appreciation your lamp gets. Himalaya lamp helps you sleep if you struggle with night bulb. The pink light that, it glows is enough to beat the dark without disturbing your sleep. Check Himalayan Salt Lamp online collection, at the Incense Pro website, and visit the store to collect the pink Himalayan lamp at a very reasonable price. Wait for the magic it does to the atmosphere of your house!


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