Get Fragrance Lamps & Himalayan Salt Lamps at IncensePro. Fill your home with your preferred aromas with verities of fragrance Lamps and oils. Turn on the electric lamp and put some fragrance oil on the tray and allow the lamp to diffuse the scent around your home. For the stone tart warmer, a lighted tea light candle could be placed in the whole and fragmented burning oil on the tray. The candle will heat up the tray and the room will get fragmented.

Himalayan Salt Lamps certainly purify the air in your house. Himalayan Salt Lamps are carved from the mineral-rich Himalayan mountain. This lamp could be used for decorating the home or this can also be used as health blessings. Salt lamps are also called “natural ionizers,” that means they change the electrical charge of the circulating air.


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