Amazonite Orgonite Pyramid

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Orgonite stone energizes otherworldly and mental development. It adjusts states of mind, extends contemplation, and fortifies expectations and perception. It ensures against electromagnetic contamination, supports better rest and distinctive dreams, and assists plants with developing.


These amazonite orgone pyramids transmit unusual vibrations that have been stockpiled from a collection of incredible Life Force energy. The layering of amazonite and brilliant specks of metal is difficult to turn away from – all-out wizardry. Each of these charming pyramids will build your imperativeness and enact the dynamic power of truth inside you while filling in as a Throat Chakra healer.

The pyramid shape of the amazonite pyramid significantly amplifies this vibration. Amazonite is an incredible energy channel. It will likewise deal with quieting all your chakras. Not just that, it will help you balance your masculine and ladylike energies, so you will want to use them in the best manner. This stone will ensure that your yin and yang energies are incongruity too. If your brain is dirtied with poisonous pessimism, tidy it up with Amazonite orgonite crystal.

Regularly, a torment that we encountered in our past makes energy blocks in our present. It can show into trouble communicating your thoughts seeing someone and heals heart chakra adoring energy, amazonite orgonite benefits you by freeing you up to deliver what has harmed you so you can all the more likely put yourself out there in each everyday issue. 

  • It ensures a positive feeling.
  • It improves spiritual health.
  • It increases self-awareness.
  • It soothes stress.
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5”


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Olivia Burn
Spiritual Healing

The pyramid promotes mental health and peace. The power vibrates with different levels of radiation which stabilizes the heart chakra.

Dear Olivia Burn, Thank you for your review of the Amazonite Orgonite Pyramid. We are happy to hear that it has helped you in your spiritual healing journey. The pyramid is a great tool for promoting mental health and peace, and its power vibrates with different levels of radiation which helps to stabilize the heart chakra.