Lapis Lazuli

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Lapis Lazuli is quite possibly the most pursued stone being used since man's set of experiences started. Its spiritually evoking, divine blue remaining parts are eminence and honor, celestial beings and force, soul and vision.

Lapis Lazuli's meaning is a public image of insight and truth. Lapis Lazuli was among the most profoundly valued recognition paid to Egypt, gotten from the most seasoned mines on the planet, worked from around 4000 B.C, and refers to in the Old Testament as sapphire is the fifth stone in the first breastplate of the High Priest, just as those of later occasions.

Lapis Lazuli's uses involve physical and spiritual benefits, such as sufficient to bring down your pulse. Its soft shades shift something inside, purging you from tip to toe in delicate beauty. It's a delightful supporter of the immune framework, mainly when you feel lazy, low, or barely messed up with life. Sadness, sleep deprivation, and dizziness are conditions where Lapis Lazuli healing isn't timid about assisting.

It's a stone that captivates you back to adjust intellectually, and this has a tremendous impact on keeping you upstanding in your real lives. This recuperating precious stone lapis lazuli benefits your spirit brings its rich shades of blue and magnificent specks of brilliant pyrite to help you remember your value.

It's an unimaginable stone for drawing out that buried self-information that prompts legitimacy and the opportunity to live in one's fact. If you battle to put yourself out there, assuming your certainty has been cut, bringing the mending force of Lapis Lazuli into your day-by-day life can be a finished game changer. It animates objectivity, clarity and energizes imagination. It bonds connections, supporting the articulation of sentiments and feelings.

  • Most essential opaque gemstone.
  • Reveals inner truth and honesty.
  • Helps against psychic attacks.
  • Promotes spiritual healing.

Customer Reviews

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Avi Sen
Beautiful stone

The stone is real beauty with different shades. This one has the oldest tradition of using. It induces mental health and revives the physical health.

Dear Avi Sen, Thank you for your review of Lapis Lazuli. We're happy to know that you appreciate this beautiful stone for its therapeutic properties.

Mily Raise
Beautiful pieces

I got a wonderful piece of Lapis lazuli. I m loving it. In fact loved their collection. Will be back!

Thank you for your kind words! We are so glad that you are enjoying your Lapis Lazuli piece.