Red Jasper Orgonite Pyramid

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Red Jasper is a calming, healing stone. It brings calmness and is perfect for those who get easily emotionally stressed. Jasper is the traditional birthstone for March.

Jasper is a beautiful gemstone used worldwide and is often respected as holy.  Egyptians believe that red Jasper is associated with Isis and was carved into jewelry for the dead. There is also a legend that it was red Jasper, not ruby, on the breastplate of Aaron.

Red Jasper Orgonite helps one stay spiritually and emotionally grounded. It helps deeply connect and communicate with the earth. It helps one recover from traumas and heal spiritually. Orgonite helps balance out the environment by transmuting the negative energies into positivity. It even helps recharge other stones and amplify their power. It strengths the vitality of all living things, including plants. If someone has insomnia or bad dreams, sleeping near this pyramid may help get a good night's sleep due to its powers.

  • It spreads a protective aura to stay mentally and spiritually healthy
  • It boosts growth
  • It wards off EMF pollution or any low vibrations that may be harmful
  • It helps diminish any stress
  • Aids in spiritual growth, meditation, and mental development
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5"


Customer Reviews

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Avantika Lal
Stabilize the mood

Red jasper is a type of mineral that is known for its grounding and stabilizing properties, while orgonite is believed to have the ability to balance and harmonize energy. When I heard this is used for centuries to remove negative energies away, I used it and got an amazing result. I loved it.

Dear Avantika Lal, Thank you for your review! I'm glad to hear that you found the Red Jasper Orgonite Pyramid helpful in stabilizing your mood. It sounds like it worked well for you.

Dany Alves
Diminish Stress

Can build an aura of protectiveness and leave all the negative energy out of the sight. Protective stone with healing power.

Dear Dany Alves, Thanks for the review! I think the Red Jasper Orgonite Pyramid would be a great addition to anyone's stress-reducing arsenal. It's a protective stone with healing power, and I think it would be a great way to diminish stress and increase wellbeing. Thanks for your feedback!

Michel danny
Authentic product

This has an aura of its own to boost up positivity. This power only has the real stones.