Crystal Pyramid & Orgonite

There is a number of stones that pose their own healing powers that have an impact on the body and soul. Crystal Pyramid and Orgonite help to promote the flow of positive energies and help get rid of negative winds. Healing crystals provide the physical and emotional wellbeing. In ancient times stones were used as medicines for healing purposes. Each gemstone depicts the energy that you are attracted to. Some of the very popular and most effective healing crystals are rose quartz, clear quartz, emerald, sapphire, ruby, citrine, tigers eye, amethyst, selenite, shungite and various others. Stones work for healing when you place them on your body to drive the negativity out of mind and inserting the positivity into it. The most powerful orgonite healing stone is Clear quarts, also known as “rock crystal”, it is the master healer versatile stone and it contains powerful healing energy. You can use healing stones in a number of ways that are suitable for you, like wear it as pendant or locket, bracelet, embossed the stone to a ring and wear it, put them in your purse and even you can have the spiritual power of stones by putting it in your bathtub. The rituals can be performed using healing stones for soul and body cleansing. There are also worry crystals, which you rub with your palm in the time of need or to relief anxiety.


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