Camomile Incense Stick

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It's time to decorate and fill your home with enticing scents of our best Incense Sticks. We offer an assortment of incense sticks scents reasonable for your requirements and faculties. Camomile Incense has a delicate loosening up fragrance to help you discover some harmony inside your space.


This incense would be helpful before bed to assist you in a tranquil evening's rest. Camomile Incense Stick is an accommodating apparatus for tension and upsetting days, helps you make a loosening up second or think. Each stick is hand plunged and all regular with one hour of consuming time. You can enjoy 15 hours of absolute happiness regarding clean consuming joy.

Camomile Incense has spiritual benefits that can take out anxiety with a one-two punch and leave you feeling great, protected, and calm. It is incredible for shower time, day's end when you are loosening up with some hot tea or glass of wine, during journaling, and contemplations. Our Camomile incense sticks are made in Nepal and are beautifully natural, delicate, and unwinding.

Made with just unadulterated, regular fixings, including dried chamomile blossoms, these are wonderful to consume when you are prepared to slow down. Chamomile is perhaps the most old-fashioned restorative spices in the world. It's anything but a soothing and relaxant and can ease muscle strain, stress, and tension.

Consume Chamomile flowers as incense to advance flourishing. Chamomile is known as a spice of filtration and security and can be utilized for rest and contemplation.

  • It brings balance and calms to the senses.
  • Promotes relaxed sleep.
  • It Supports and adjusts your faculties.
  • Suitable for cleansing of negative energy.

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Tammy Schiefer
Good quality incense

These are good quality incense that smells very good. They burn well and are not flaky, they are well made.