Backflow Incense Burner- Panda in Waterfall

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Light the incense of Backflow Incense Burner, the smoke fume down like a cascade, the incense censer encompassed by smoke, a strange air. Truly appropriate for offering clean air and a healthy atmosphere to events and gatherings, yet in addition mirrors the exquisite taste of the host.


It is an occasion or birthday present for family, companions, associates, and significantly more. Well-known artisans handcraft every item, so the artistry is extremely sensitive and respectable.

It is excellent craftsmanship that makes the panda in waterfall backflow Incense Burner a dreamy home décor. Truly appropriate for business or family gatherings. Lovely artistry incense burner can be good furnishings, can completely unwind and improve the personal satisfaction.

The Waterfall Panda Backflow Incense Burner is a 5.25 inch by five-inch poly-resin incense burner explicitly made to hold backflow style incense cones with reflection impact and assist you with resting. Settled under a shoot of bamboo, a lovable pudgy panda unwinds and appreciates the delicate development of a cascade down the stones. Your backflow cone sits on this mass of rocks, and streams smoke down into the waterfall's numerous pools.

Our best Backflow Incense Burner uniquely intends to make smoke that falls downwards, pouring drastically down the pinnacle with an incredible impact. It incorporates a solitary cone of incense and a metal holder embed. Whenever you have lit your incense cone, it will start to smoke, the scent is heavier than air, and it will fall significantly in twirls and contorts, through the opening and down over the thing, to pool at the base. It is unbelievable to watch and exceptionally to unwind.

  • 25" x 5.0" polyresin incense burner
  • Works explicitly with discharge cones
  • Smoke falls downwards
  • Bamboo woodland with a panda plan
  • It helps advance positive feelings

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Amazing Product

Bought this for my dad for Father’s Day, he loved it!! Works so well and came packaged very nicely and neatly. Would definitely buy it again!