Cannabis Incense Stick

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These scented incense sticks permit you to make the ideal state of mind for an unwinding, engaging, and genuinely rich home. Just light the tip of your Cannabis incense stick and hang tight for it to shine. Then, at that point, hit the fire and spot on a pleasantly fragrant incense stick holder all through your home. 


Hem Cannabis incense sticks are conventional Cannabis-scented incense stick set up from regular oils; hence they are liberated from any poisonous substances and synthetics. With an inspiring and remarkable smell, this incense will light up the state of mind and dispose of any dreadful scents, leaving behind a fabulously inebriating aroma. In case you need the smell of cannabis - because, honestly, who doesn't simply adore that fragrance? Then, at that point, you'll need these incense sticks to consume. Invigorating the faculties is an extraordinary method to participate right now.

Discover an aroma you appreciate and tune into the smell completely. Take your contemplation practice to another level by consuming incense sticks produced using cannabis as a significant hem incense ingredient. They establish a quiet climate any place they are charred. It supports your fixation and center, assisting you with excursion while offering supplications and reflection.

  • Contains around 20 sticks of incense.
  • It motivates you to think positively.
  • Make the environment soothing and calm.
  • Relieve from spiritual pain.

Customer Reviews

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Really good incense.

I am using this as I type and I really like this incense. I probably need to stock up on this because this will be burning frequently in my home.