Engraved Brass Burner with Screen

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This product is a magnificent black brass burner with golden engraving and a reflective golden brass screen. It is a blend of modernity and medieval times. It will blend in perfectly with a sophisticated modern background.


You can set this engraved brass burner with a screen wherever you please, whether your living room, bathroom, prayer room, or coffee table. The perfect size allows this to be easily transportable and set anywhere. This brass burner will be the center of attention despite the small size once you light up cone incense cones. The smoke will gather inside the burner and flow out of the top like clouds. It is indeed a dreamy and relaxing sight to enjoy and relieve yourself from any day-to-day stresses.

This engraved brass burner will enhance your overall incense burning experience, and it adds to the aesthetic environment you create. You can buy this for your friends and family; even if they aren't aware of the power of incense, this beautifully engraved brass burner will surely motivate them to dive into the world of incense and experience the calming magic.

  • The perfect decoration for a modern setup
  • S: 4"
  • High-quality
  • You can use it for both incense sticks and cones

Customer Reviews

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Ally Schumesher
Perfect for home decor

The golden engraved crafted design makes it cool and perfect piece to have for incense burning. The screen of it protects small children from the touch of the burning incense. It helps to create a aesthetic atmosphere to soothe the eyes and mind as well.

Dear Ally Schumesher, Thank you for the positive review of our engraved brass burner with screen! We're happy to hear that it adds a cool and elegant touch to your home decor and helps to protect small children from the touch of the burning incense.

Nike Sresta
Authentic Product

Brass incense burners are often used for religious and spiritual practices, as well as for meditation and relaxation. They can also be used for home décor purposes, as their intricate designs and ornate details can add an elegant touch to any room.

Dear Nike Sresta, Thank you for the positive review of our brass incense burner with screen! We're glad to hear that you're happy with the product and that it meets your expectations.

samul dabid
Worth spending money

Quality is quite good. Hope to get one soon.

Thank you!