Green Aventurine Orgonite Pyramid

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Green aventurine is a workhorse stone that can be beneficial for everyone. It is also known as the "Stone of Opportunity," as it proves to be lucky for most. It is perfect for manifesting success, wealth, and positivity. For instance, this pyramid may help a plant grow quicker if it's placed in the plant pot, keeping it in your bag may enhance your finances, and so on.


Orgonite pyramids increase the power of the green aventurine chip stones inside them and work to keep your soul, body, and sacred spaces purified and cleared of low vibrations.

Ubiquitous is another name for Orgone, cosmic energy found in nature and inside every living thing. The pyramid reflects the union of the four ways and trinity, creating a vortex of power that can heal, cleanse, and enhance whatever you preach. Through the season of light, the best time for heightening these energies and manifesting growth.

Prepare for your spiritual work and sense of abundance to rise to new dimensions as you work with this outstanding tool.

  • Inhibit powerful energies that aid in growth, spiritual attunement, and success
  • Perfect for meditation
  • 'Aids in spiritual and physical growth
  • A precious tool for spiritual work
  • W: 3” 

  • H: 2.5”


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Ridhima Ray
Have impact in my life

I started using it in my defense for several months but at first I didn’t feel any difference, nevertheless with the time passed it got better.
I’m happy to use it.