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Copal is a tree pitch utilized by way of life of pre-Columbian Mesoamerica as a traditional incense. When consumed on charcoal, it delivers a light, citrus, and piney aroma that can is helpful for profound purifying and clearing. Since old occasions, Copal incense meaning is holy to individuals of Mexico, just as South and Central America.


The history of copal incense initiated from Mayan and Aztec societies. Mass measures of copal resin were scorched on the Aztec and Mayan pyramids as copal incense rocks to help contribute to the divine beings and gods that mark its spirituality.

Copal is a characteristic gum tree between two states: it's anything but a solidified tar or sap. The medicinal trees are customarily utilized for getting the body free from infections and for keeping mosquitos away.

Copal Incense sticks have an incredible aroma that sanitizes the energy in your space. It assists with reinforcing the auric body, eliminating all energy blockages making it a valuable instrument for contemplations. Copal joins the restorative power of the sun with the establishing properties of the earth.

An incredible yet delicate healer and cleaning agent, Copal Incense sticks placed on copal incense holder, draws out and changes negative energy of various sorts to reach spiritual levels. Copal helps in actual self-mending, enthusiastic recuperating of discouragement, and natural clearing. 

  • It helps to bring positivity.
  • It throws negativity away.
  • It improves meditation.
  • It aids sleep better by relieving stress.

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