Hem San Pedro Incense Stick Hexa

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Our unique San Pedro incense is a mix of regular fixings turned into the reason for hot, new, flower, wooden, exemplary, or sweet fragrances as practically supernatural smells. The scent of the San Pedro Incense stick is formed by the standards of Aromachology, which is the investigation of the impact of odors on human conduct. It's additionally the craft of making scents and their belongings of body and psyche.


The body feels spiritually enlightened as our hem incense stick soothes your faculties. Incense consumption is a respected Indian custom and worshipped in Ayurveda for the two its sweet-smelling just as therapeutic advantages. In Ayurveda, incense consumption is considered an optimal initial step for recuperating that purges the air and mixes it with a beautiful scent.

Carefully assembled Hem San Pedro Incense Sticks benefits your spirit utilizing unquestionably the best, regular fixings that fragrance the air with a herbaceous and botanical smell. It bestows an environment of quiet concordance and contemplation. San Pedro has been a significant component of the profound services of different native societies for a considerable number of years.

When the impacts of San Pedro initially hit, it's entirely expected to feel tired or mixed up, regularly with a feeling of shivering or power in the vein. Treat yourself to this fantastic incense of all time.

  • It relaxes your senses.
  • It uplifts your soul.
  • It improves sleep.
  • It elevates positivity.

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