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  • 1 piece in each order
  • Color: Gray-Black
  • Birthstone: March, December
  • Zodiac: Aries, Aquarius
  • Planet: Mars, Mercury
  • Energies: Love, Protection, Healing
  • Chakra: 1st and 8th

Brings self-confidence and promotes overall anchoring of energies in the world, casting off thoughts barriers. This stone facilitates dissolve negativity. Its electricity is stated to reinvigorate the blood.

Hematite is used to enhance relationships. Hematite is good for growing instinct. In jewelry, it's far nice in a ring worn on the left hand.

Restoration houses: Hematite stimulates iron absorption inside the small gut, which in flip improves oxygen delivery to the body. It can be in direct contact with the skin, but consequences in irritation for a few people, so take a look at it carefully on your self earlier than use.


Customer Reviews

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Ravindra Jha
Dissolves negativity

The stone induces positivity and dissolves negative vibes out of the mind. Invigorates the health condition.

Dear Ravindra Jha, Thank you for writing this review of Hematite. We're glad to hear that it's been helpful in clearing out negativity and invigorating your health condition. Thanks for taking the time to write!

Protective !

I got few hematite, always keep them with me. Very protective crystal!

Thank you for your review! We're glad to know that our hematite is protective and helpful.