Herb - Black Sage (Mugwort)

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Black sage is known as Mugwort too, these leaves are incredibly fragrant and have a quieted green tone. The whole plant is canvassed in tiny hairs that give the stems and leaves a layer of silver-green fluff. This wise assortment produces white to light blue, and lavender blossoms sprout in the spring and late spring months. The flowers fill in circular groups known as whorls and line the stem of the sage plant. After the sprouting season, the branches and whorls of Black sage will solidify and become dark, a trademark that is answerable for the plants' primary name.


Black sage benefits include its purging abilities that help increment positive energy in your home by eliminating negative vibes. Before smudging, ensure your psyche centers around your accomplishing needs. Black sage has an impactful herbaceous flavor that is somewhat astringent. Black sage is delegated a herbaceous evergreen bush and is otherwise called Honey sage or Jade Carpet. Black sage was utilized customarily by Native Americans known as the Chumash public to frame a homegrown douse for the shower to be used to treat real torment, explicitly for the feet and lower legs.

Black sage herb benefits to support dreams by energizing and inducing distinctive dreams. When consumed before sleep time, the herb helps cause charming dreams and tranquil sleep.

Black sage adaptations involve its use as a spiritual herb during meditation practices for healing purposes.  Black sage seed uses include its use for aromatherapy as it has a captivating aroma. Invigorate your senses by using Dark sage and enjoy stimulating fragrance essential in aromatherapy.

  • Culinary herb and powerful smudge for purification.
  • Pulls Consciousness towards the realm.
  • Heavenly sage aroma.
  • Ancient herb for decision making.
  • Handpicked ingredients.
  • Handpicked ingredients and hand-blended mixtures.
  • Ancient herbs used to aid in decision-making.

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Smith R.
Mugwort too

It helps to purify the soul and the aroma helps to take decisions fast.

Dear Smith R., This is true! Mugwort is a great addition to any spiritual or aromatherapy collection. It helps to purify the soul and the aroma helps to take decisions fast.

lisa barker
Quick Delivery

The delivery was quicker than expected. I am very pleased with this product.

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad to hear that you're pleased with the speedy delivery and quality of our mugwort product.