Incense Burner- Dragon Holding Skull

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Dragon holding skull incense burner looks magnificent as the detailing on the dragon is done very intricately. It seems as if the dragon is flying gracefully with the skull secured in its hands. This incense burner looks impressive since the dragon's puff-out fire, and once the incense sticks are burned, the smoke blends in with the dragon theme. It looks like smoke spreading out of the dragon's mouth. Incense sticks work better with this incense burner as you can stick them upwards in the dragon back.

Overall it has a very cool look, and it will look amazing in your living room or coffee table. You can buy this for your friends and family, who love incense, as this will enhance the whole incense burning experience. The smoke produced sways into the air like a dancing stream. It is a mesmerizing and peaceful sight for your eyes.

This dragon-holding skull incense burner will be the center of attention despite the medium size once the smoke starts emanating. Try this incense burner with your favorite incense sticks and feel the atmosphere change into complete serenity! 

  • S: 12"long, 3.5"H
  • It will surely enhance your meditation experience
  • A thoughtful gift and decoration piece

Customer Reviews

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Greg Thorn
Beautifully crafted product

The design of the burner is simple yet elegant, and it fits well with the decor of my room. The product is made of high-quality materials and seems durable. Also, it enhances the experience of meditation and aromatherapy.

Dear Greg Thorn, Thank you for your review! We're glad you're enjoying our Dragon Holding Skull incense burner. We hope you'll continue to use it for years to come.

Marianna Herrera
Good packaging

I liked the dragon and ordered the product. When it arrived it was quite heavily packed to protect my product.
Good job

Thank you!