Japanese Incense - Aqua

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Looking for a way to relax and de-stress?

Japanese Incense - Aqua is perfect for you! With 120 sticks in each box, these low-smoke incense are perfect for filling any room with a calming scent. Made in Japan, these incense are of the highest quality and sure to please.

Features & Benefits:
- 120 sticks in each box: This product comes with a large quantity of incense, perfect for filling any room with a calming scent.
- Low smoke: These incense produce little to no smoke, making them perfect for those with sensitivities or who are looking for a more subtle scent.
- Made in Japan: These incense are of the highest quality, ensuring that you will be satisfied with your purchase.

How it works: To use, simply light the end of the incense stick and allow it to burn for a few minutes. The scent will begin to fill the room, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Enjoy the scent for as long as desired, and then extinguish the flame.

Customer Reviews

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Ajay Gupta
Low smoke incense

Doesn't fill the room with a whole lot of smokes. Rather keeps the room clean and soothing.

Dear Ajay Gupta, Thank you for your review! We're sorry to hear that the smoke from this incense wasn't strong enough for you, but we think the clean and soothing effects are worth it!