Velas Astrales: Open Roads / Abrecaminos

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This unmatched candle has each of the seven colors in it that helps achieve the impossible. Do you ever feel difficulty in achieving your desired goal? Please do not feel bad and disappointed as we have found you a solution that can help you get rid of all the negative thoughts that occupy your brain. The "achievement door" road is not hard to find; you need to focus on the strengths that help you reach that door or your highest potential.

This wish candle has a powerful scent leading to progress, flourished business, success, and cash. This Velas Astrales candle is set up with the most potent embodiments to dispose of misfortune and make the way to triumph and open roads. Change your fate instantly!

The flame of the Abre Caminos candle is set up with the most vital substances to get rid of any awful vibrations and to make a way to triumph and win over difficult conditions.

Utilize this candle to request your entire life ways open for you while having much confidence. Eliminate and Destroy all issues and adverse conditions in your day-to-day existence. Make the way to open streets to Success, Prosperity, Good Health, and Wealth using this Velas Astrales Candle. Bust through what's holding you down. Track down the correct way for you and get in the groove again.

Find that great job or home, get off that losing streak, break that curse, get the man or lady you want, fend Satan off—Banish all hopelessness and be glad, blissful, and loose. 

  • A1 quality product.
  • Eliminate negative energies.
  • Extremely satisfying fragrance.
  • Soothes your senses and brings prosperity and success.


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    Love the vibe of this Lovely candle. Lovely scent .. It’s a great candle.