Palo Santo Sticks

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  • California’s best Palo Santo
  • Used for spiritual purification.
  • Each stick measures approximately 4 to 5 inches in length
  • Gets rid of negativity and bad spirits 

Sparkling and excessive first class product. Each stick is approximately 4"-5" inches in lengthy. Quality use for smudging ritual, purification, and nonsecular blessing. Immoderate great product. Right for domestic fragrance. Burn Palo Santo to clear electricity and restore balance, for safety and non-secular purification.

Palo Santo is a magical tree that grows on the coast of South the united states and is related to Frankincense, Myrrh, and Copal.  In Spanish, the name actually mean “Holy wooden”.  It is far part of the citrus own family and has candy notes of pine, mint and lemon.


Palo Santo is loved by many for it's energetically cleaning and healing properties much like Sage and Cedar. It is a robust medicinal drug that has been popularized for its heavenly presence in retaining energies grounded and clean. It creates a pleasant, fresh smoke that works well in keeping away mosquitoes and different flying bugs that is one of the top use of the people who lives in Ecuador and Peru. It provides an uplifting heady scent that raises your vibration in training for meditation and allows for a deeper connection to the supply of all introduction.  It is also stated that Palo Santo complements creativity and brings suitable fortune to folks that are open to it's magic.


Palo Santo is historically used for relieving common colds, flu signs, stress, asthma, complications, tension, depression, infection, emotional pain and more.  This critical Oil is awesome for Aromatherapy and can also be used at some stage in rub-down paintings to assist in recuperation.

Remarkable for calming the immune and nervous systems for quicker healing of illness. In crucial oil form, it really works properly for physical ache and irritation containing high levels of D-Limonene and Monoterpenes which can be beneficial for cancer symptoms.


A part of this magical tree is that it is far wildcrafted and sustainably harvested through an own family that has planted over 30,000 trees again into the place during the last 10 years. The vital oil can most effective be extracted from dead bushes and fallen branches the use of “Vapor Distillation” without the use of dangerous chemicals or solvents. This ensures a high first-class product cared with Love and Respect. It is 100% Sustainable and natural.

Burning Instructions

Use a candle, match or lighter to ignite the stick of Palo Santo. Hold at about a 45-degree attitude pointing the top down toward the flame. Permit it to burn for approximately 30 secs to at least one minute after which blow out. Flow about your workspace, home, automobile, restroom or anywhere you would like to clean the energy. The wealthy odor will also deliver peace and readability to the moment together with desirable emotions. When finished, place the stick in a fire evidence bowl of steel, glass or clay. The glow will end on its personal unless you blow at the ember with a purpose to hold the smoke going. Continually use warning and appreciate when operating with fireplace.


Customer Reviews

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Jon Paul Braxton

It's pretty good for recharging crystal bracelets

Dear Jon Paul Braxton, Thank you so much for your positive review. We're happy to hear that our Palo Santo sticks are helping you recharge your crystal bracelets. We hope they continue to bring you good energy and positive vibes. Thanks for choosing our product!

Marie C.
Quality product

Palo santo was authentic which I didn’t think cause nowadays it becomes rare to find the authentic one.
Quite happy with the result.

Thank you!

Arnie Kissinger
The Real Thing

I bought my palo santo sticks and I got the real thing .
I highly recommend this store .
Will be coming back for more items
Thank you

Thank you for your kind words.

Stacey Ellis
Great product

Fast shipping. Product works well. This is my second order from this company.

Thank you for your business!

Alex Veneza
Worth spending my money

These palosanto sticks are awesome. It burns nicely and I could feel the difference instantly. I am glad that I bought these palosanto along with sage. What a worth spending!!

Thank you for your feedback!