Rui Aceite/ Ruda Oil

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Our spiritual Rui Oil with an enticing scent for Magic and Rituals helps illuminate your soul and senses within few minutes. Utilize this oil in thriving customs and accomplish good luck that will convert your depression to comfort.

Our wish/intention oils use to involve their utilization in different spells and functions. You can add our Ruda spiritual Oil to showers, oil candles, and it can be utilized to dress candles of your choice. Numerous mystics use these oils to reinforce petitions and spells under specific conditions. It helps acquire achievement and about accomplishing what you need for the duration of regular daily existence.

Be compelling at all you do by utilizing this spiritual oil to blend your capacities inside the body. Portray Rui Aceite/ Ruda Oil by using it on your standing, achieving it by your rules, and gather a routine you're satisfied to encounter.

Our oils are to be worn or added to fragrances, spells, functions, or demands for progress with cash, love, karma, school, or your work, as it has incredible capacities to adapt to dark sorcery and negative spirits that encompass you. Various spiritualists use this with wish/intention candles to strengthen petitions and spells. Our archetypes utilized oils in their traditions and administrations hundreds, even thousands, of years prior.

  • Brings back the lost energy.
  • Gives positive vibes.
  • Strengthens your abilities.
  • Attains balance in your body.

Customer Reviews

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Lenin Rodrigez
Ruda Oil

Keeps the positive vibes alive and balances the chakras of the body.

Dear Lenin Rodrigez, Thank you for your review! Ruda Oil is a great product for keeping the positive vibes alive and balancing the chakras of the body.

Great product

It has a pleasant herbal exotic scent and long lasting. It's like wearing a natural perfume.