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Blue Sage and resin Copal smudge stick incorporate Copal pitch to bring spiritual feelings up in your space. Your dreams are effortlessly accomplished in a room seethed with a copal, and mental activities are worked with. Smudging is the custom-consuming sage done to get a space or individual free from negative energies. Suppose your home feels lifeless or tragic; if a contention has occurred and the air murmurs with outrage if an upsetting point waits after a guest, you must smudge.

You may cleanse your personal space by smudging to oust anger, disease, pity, or sickness. Holding your Smudge Stick in your hand, place one end over a nonstop fire. You may utilize a candle or gas oven for this reason. It will take some time for your smudge stick to light totally; hold it over the fire until the whole tip of the stick is fuming. At that point, stifle the fire to let the stick burn tenderly. The smudging utilized in traditional practices depends on a Native American method known as the Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing, with smearing being its common name.

Copal and Mountain Sage benefit you when they are joined in one smudge for an exceptional smearing experience. In the Native American custom, white sage is utilized to drive away terrible energy, scrub, and purge.

Copal smudge benefits you and helps purify, revive, and in contemplation. The aroma has a delicate, unobtrusive woody fragrance that, for those of you that affection pine timberlands and the emotions they advance, is an ideal match. Whenever you feel low, light this brilliant smudge stick to inspire your feelings and clear your brain.

  • Cleanses your home on events.
  • Eliminates negative energies.
  • Offers profound spiritual strength.
  • Heal's spirits and opens chakras

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J.P. Gupta
Clean the environment

Keeps away the negative energies and heals the spiritual wounds.

Dear J.P. Gupta, Thank you for your review of Sage & Copal. We're happy to know that our product is helping you clean the environment and heal your spiritual wounds.

Wonderful sage mix

I would purchase again. Thank you for such a wonderful product. I am looking forward to using it again.

Thank you for your kind words! We're so glad you enjoyed our sage mix. We hope you'll use it again soon.